Welcome to SEPA UAS, Southeastern Pennsylvania’s true experts on Public Safety drone equipment and training.   Classes now available to prepare your department for starting its own UAS Unit.

About SEPA-UAS and Founder, Joseph Warwick

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems sales, support, and training for Public Safety agencies.  References available upon request.

Founder and Owner Joseph Warwick has created programs from decades of experience, both inside and outside of the classroom.  With 30 years of flying remote aircraft and 30 years as a physics instructor, he brings a unique skill set to the class.  He has been a flight instructor for over 15 years with unmanned aircraft and one of the first in the country to receive his FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.  For the last 5 years, he has focused on public safety organization and the successful development of UAS programs.  

With a B.S. in Physics & Minor in Mathematics from VA Tech, and a Masters from Lehigh University, Joe has enjoyed delivering technical material to students for decades. Recognized by the Siemens Foundation, he was awarded the National Advanced Placement Math and Science Award in 2010. During his teaching career, he immersed himself in a variety of fields outside the classroom. Besides physics and unmanned aircraft, Warwick became certified in HAM Radio by the FCC and has been published in QST, the national magazine for the ARRL (call sign is KB3ZED). His experience with Radio Frequencies has strengthened his ability to build custom drones for unique applications.

In 2019, Warwick and his colleague, Daniel Herbert (Skygear Solutions, Inc.) organized and ran the largest drone inspection program in the history of the UAS Industry. Skygear recruited, trained, deployed, and managed over 150 individuals to fly aerial inspections with the Wildfire Safety Program for PG&E in California. Their crews performed over 37,000 hours of inspections throughout California. In addition to other administration responsibilities, Warwick performed all of the airspace management with the FAA for the 56 crews running operations. During this time, he single handedly filed over 420 NOTAMs with a zero incident record.

Warwick’s career in Education has provided unique opportunities to work in the PPL (Princeton Plasma Physics Lab) for the DOE, design and test a remotely operated vehicle in zero-g flights with NASA on the “Vomit Comet” in Houston.

His passion in the classroom and in the field is contagious. and his goal is to safely push drones into the world to make it a better place.


If you would like to reach out to anyone at SEPA UAS, please feel free to email us at the following address: Joseph.Warwick@SEPAUAS.com or call 215-262-1605